What is OCA Colorado?

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

OCA Summer Picnic and Wellness Fair

OCA Most Sincere Invitation to you and your family to OCA Summer Picnic and Wellness Fair
Our slogan for OCA Summer Picnic and Wellness Fair is "Eat Happy and Live Healthy!"  Therefore, besides serving wonderful delicious international food (by the way one of our members will bring a home made stove and make fresh beef/been tortilla for us!!), we will have Tai Chi master and Shaolin Kung Fu master teach us how to keep healthy and defend ourselves.  We will also have massage therapists, manicure specialist, acupuncturists, Chinese medicine doctors and dentists who will offer free services/advice.  We will set up tents, tables, home made stove, and provide food and drinks and of course we will have our very knowledgeable and skilled Wellness experts to help us to live a long and healthy life.  All you have to do is to bring some lawn chairs and towels if you want to swim.  Since Cherry Creek State Park charges $9 per car, you may want to consider parking your cars in the parking lot of Furniture Row (Quincy and Parker) and carpool with your family, relatives and friends.  You can enter the park from Parker & Lehigh.  Once you pass the ticket booth, you will see the sign directing you to different locations, please look for the direction to Beach and Swim and then follow the sign to Beach and Swim area, turn left onto Beach and Swim area and you can park your car in the parking lot.  You will see our OCA sign.   I promise you a very fun-filled day with lots of food and wellness activities to make you feel happy and healthy.  This is a excellent opportunity for you to do fun stuff with your family and enjoy this wonderful summer day with your loved ones.
I look forward to seeing you all on 8/13/2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Cherry Creek State Park (Parker & Lehigh entrance and follow the sign to Beach/Swim area). 
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Best Wishes.
Margaret S. Choi
President of OCA Colorado 


                                                                      OCA 科州美恊會 現闔府統請813OCA夏日野餐与保健活動

大家的對OCA科州美協會的關与支持愛護, OCA813你精心泡制度身訂做了OCA夏日野餐与保健活動. 到時除了有豐富食品飲料招呼來賓外,更請了太極師傅, 35代少林功夫師傅 教我們太極广場舞功夫自衛等。還有多位按摩師和指甲師為你提供免費服務和寶意見。更請來多位中医師,針灸醫師和牙醫為我們解答疑雜症及提供保健意見。OCA科州美協會希望大家食得開心 活得健康生命充滿活力与精彩

OCA科州美協會之夏日野餐与保健活動將於今年813日由早上十時到下午二時將在CHERRY CREEK STATE PARK swim and beach (游泳与海灘地区隆重登場現在此誠心邀請大家踴躍參加- 闔府統請 來与我們OCA科州美協會會長与各位董事共進午餐与享受保健活動。人生苦短最重要是活得開心与健康 今次是一家人老老少少大大小小可以參加這個老少咸宜的有益又好玩的家庭活動活千萬不要錯過啊所謂偷得浮生半日閒希望813日在CHERRY CREEK STATE PARK 你和家人朋友可以大駕光臨來我們OCA次舉辦的美而多姿多采的 夏日野餐与保健活動。


由於Cherry Creek State Park(櫻桃溪州公園)每部車收九元, 你可以考慮把車子泊在Parker Quincy Furniture Row 停車場与你的朋友家人坐一部車入公園