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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Wellness Picnic/Fair

We had a very success Summer Picnic and Wellness Fair. More than 300 guests joined us for a sunny day filled with food and health care tips! We greatly appreciate those that donated food and volunteered at our event.

Guangdong Shan Cake Home (Celestial Bakery)
Andy's Kitchen
John Holly
Purple Ginger
Treasures (China Jade)
Alex Diep (delicious Vietnamese food)
Tang (Wendy)
Zheng Weiwen (Benjamin)
Cai Jinna (Tina)
Xu Yun, Chen
Wang Guifang
Jesus Zubia (Mexican food)
Josephine Siregar (Indonesian food)
Jimmy Lam and Margaret Ho

Dallas Cox
Zhang Lei
Gao Shanwen, (Chinese Medicine and acupuncture)
Li Xianxian (Manicure Division)
Shunchun (Amy)
Chen Zhang (massage division)
Chen Yumei and Gao (dentist)
Ching Chunhua (cosmetic skin care experts)
Shaolin Kungfu Academy master
Tai Chi and square dance Yu Yuling Master
Professor Kung Fu