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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Dinner

We have sold out of tickets to our Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet! Thanks for your support!
Please note that we have begun a wait list.

My Dear OCA Members and my Dear Friends:

A beautiful evening (10/7/2017 at 5 p.m.), inside the elegant KING's LAND Restaurant:

OCA President and Board Members have prepared for you, family and friends a fabulous MID-AUTUMN (MOON) FESTIVAL BANQUET and you are cordially invited to celebrate with us.  The theme of Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival is promotion of family reunion and togetherness. This year, our OCA Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival Banquet is a fun-filled family event with the following programs:  10 Course Meal (including twin lobsters, peking duck, and golden fried mandarin chicken etc), Cultural Village with amazing Cultural booths so you can learn different Chinese culture, Silent Auction so you can get good stuff at the price you want and feel good about it, Entertainment (Kung Fu, Amazing Yoyo show, festival songs and music), and Fun family games with prizes.  For your eyes only, we also set up a magnificent and romantic Chinese Lantern District (good family photo taking opportunity)!!!!  We, OCA, hope we can bring Family Unity and Happiness to all our guests.
OCA is a non-profit volunteer driven organization with its mission to promote the social, political, and economic well being of Asian Pacific Islander Americans.  Through this Golden Banquet of Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival, we understand the importance of family reunion and togetherness and appreciate thousands of years of Chinese culture and traditions.  

Please don't forget OCA and YOU have a Mid-Autumn Festival date at King's Land on 10/7/2017 at 5 p.m.!!!!!  (Please see OCA Mid Autumn Banquet) 



在一個美麗的晚上 (10/7/2017 五点正)  於华麗的帝苑大酒家內:
 OCA科州华美亞太協会會长与董事为你,家人,朋友特別製作了一個溫馨更充滿中国文化色彩之:花好月圓金色中秋宴會。務求可以与每一位來賓熱烈去慶祝中秋佳節人月兩團圓。希望大家踴躍參加這個富有文化色彩和帶有家庭溫馨的晚宴!我們更希望每位嘉賓都會抱著興奮的心情來与我們庆節和享受著連接緊扣的精彩節目。當晚除了有美味佳餚,更有充滿家鄉风味的文化村讓各來賓在每個文化攤位有回到家鄉的溫暖感受。又有無聲拍賣有非常珍貴的物品供各來賓做善事又得到心头好。當然又有令人拍案叫絕的精彩中国功夫表演和庆節歌唱音樂表演。更有不能缺少老幼咸宜的好玩遊戲派禮物節目。希望當晚可以做到:星月双輝照科州 花好月圓庆團圓

OCA President,
Margaret S. Choi