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Friday, January 4, 2019

Lunar New Year Gala

 Tickets to our Lunar New Year Gala 
 Cultural Fair have SOLD OUT!!!

 We look forward to celebrating with you!


My Dearest Friends,

On behalf of OCA Colorado, I sincerely invite you, your family, friends, and clients to come to our OCA Colorado Chinese New Year Gala and Cultural Village on 2/9/2019 from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  at Salon Real Event Center (next to Super Star Seafood Chinese Restaurant ) to celebrate the Year of Pig.  On that day, we have prepared amazing programs to allow everyone to enjoy the evening thoroughly:  

(1) Enjoy our unique "For your Eyes Only" New Year decorations 
(2) taking pictures with our Money God to get lucky for the year of pig 
(3) shopping at our New Year Night Market to find the unique and lovely Chinese New Year souvenirs 
(4) Let's play the exciting Carnival games to win the fabulous prizes (Please bring a lot of $1 bills) 
(5) learn to paint Chinese arts and Chinese Calligraphy 
(6) try our famous Chinese tea and delicious snacks 
(7) Let's win some very unique and special prizes from our very popular silent auction to benefit OCA Education Fund, you can do good deed and at the same time win the prizes you love, it is Two Birds in One Stone! 
(8) Let's reward our taste buds by trying the 10 famous courses prepared with LOVE by Super Star Seafood Chinese Restaurant 
(9) Let's now enjoy the great entertainment including Kung Fu, Chinese songs and dance, Tai Chi, Chinese Tea Art Kung Fu! 
(10) Time to play group game to win prizes for everyone at the winning table 
(11) Now be the judge for the Best Looking Qipao Contest and let's vote for our ONE and only one winner (each table has 1 vote) The winner will get an elegant beautiful pearl necklace and last and not least 
(12) Our Money God will give out lucky Gold Pigs and Gold nuggets to every guests to wish everyone good luck and good health and happiness. 

We have new venue, new creation, new caterer, and new programs.  We also have the privilege to invite the former Channel 7 Best Anchor Bertha Lynn to be our emcee working together with our very talented and speak fluent Chinese, Attorney Mac.  We know they will help make our night unforgettable and definitely enjoyable .  
The prices are as follows:  individual $30;   individual table sponsor (table of 10) $300;   corporate table sponsor (table of 10) $600.  

For corporate table sponsors, we will include the followings: 
(1) placement of banner at event venue 
(2) presenting recognition souvenir on stage and personally greet the guests 
(3) recognition in event program and event slide presentation 
(4) publication on Chinese Newspapers and other social media like You Tube and WeChat 
(5) name on table placards 
(6) table of 10 
(7) golden table cloths 
(8) a bottle of red/white wine each  
(9) farewell and good wishes greeting on stage with OCA President and Board Members.

OCA Colorado Chinese New Year Gala is the unified product of the selfless sacrifice of time and hard work on the part of the OCA Board Members.  Our goal is to bring happiness and peace to every single guest who attends this festive event.  

You can call Benjamin Cheang at (303) 898-6868 or Wendy Tong at (720) 626-3029 or  Ann Wang at (720) 663-8118 to purchase your tickets.  


各位親愛的朋友們:我代表科州OCA誠懇的邀請你和你的家人朋友們同事們客戶们齊斉來參加科州OCA在2019年2月9日(六)从4:30至8:30於Salon Real 活動中心(即鴻星海鮮酒家隔壁)隆重舉行普天同庆迎豬年之OCA春節晚会与文化村。屆時我們準備好非常丯富的節目与眾同樂:(1) 欣賞前所未见的精緻华丽新年佈置(新場地新感觉) (2) 穿中国古代衣服与财神爺拍照豬年行大運 (3) 逛新春夜市買不盡可愛又稀奇的贺年小礼品 (4) 玩緊张而刺激的遊樂場遊戲贏大陸奬(請多帶些1元鈔票啊) (5)參现学習中国画和书法 (6)品嚐中国名茶和美味小吃 (7)万眾期待的OCA無声拍賣 所得款项捐給OCA教育基金 既可以得到名贵价錢公道的礼物籃又可做善事 实在是難能可貴啊! (8)大飽口福享用鴻星海鮮酒家精心泡制的十度名菜 (9)大飽眼福欣賞精彩功夫 歌舞 太極 舞獅等表演 (10)玩集体遊戲贏丯富礼物 和(11)詢眾要求大受欢迎的最佳旗袍大競 選出冠 亞 季軍得主。冠軍可得高貴华丽的美丽珍珠鍊一条!(屆時欢迎踴躍參加讓我们把中国的文化傳統發揚光大)。快樂的宴会當然少不了财神爺大派旺财保平安金豬仔和金元宝啦!OCA恭祝各位身体健康 出入平安 事事如意 笑口常開!
这次新場地新創作新主廚新節目 更隆重請了著名前电视七台台柱Bertha Lynn 与我們口齒伶俐 講得一口流利中文的陳言是律師(Mac) 一起担當當晩司儀 想必有一翻熱潮 增添不少樂趣 令氣氛更濃厚而更溫馨!
个人門票是30元而10人枱为300元。單位赞助枱是600元包括以下特別招待:(1) 擺設公司旗 (2)上台領取紀念品和向來賓拜年,(3)电视簡介和報紙和其他傳媒介紹,(4)枱上設有公司名稱牌,(5)10人枱一张,(6)紅,白酒各一瓶 (7)金色华丽枱布及(8)与OCA会长与董事上台向來賓道別与祝福。
这次OCA新春晚宴暨文化村是每位OCA董事們的努力与無私的奉獻精神一起同心合力製作。希望屆時可以为每位來賓帶來欢楽与幸福。你可以致电Benjamin Cheang (张偉文董事)(303) 898-6868 或Wendy Tong (唐慧董事) (720) 626-3029或 Ann Wang (王蕙君董事) (720) 663-8118 報名購票。2019年2月9日(六)我們OCA与你相約在新春晚宴与文化村!