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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

OCA Colorado's Virtual Christmas Party


Join us for OCA Colorado's Virtual Xmas celebration on 12/19/2020 (Saturday) from 2 pm to 3 pm
OCA Xmas Party Programs: Let’s drink to joy & good health for Xmas
(1)Best Xmas costume contest
(2)Karaoke for us & get a prize
(3)Guess Odd/Even # for prizes
(4)Guess how many for prizes
(5)Guess how much for prizes
(6)Scavenger Hunt for prizes
(7)Xmas lucky draw
Let’s drink again to happiness and safety
We welcome our current and prospective OCA members to please join our OCA ZOOM Xmas celebration. Please give me your email address so I can invite you and your families. In this very challenging time, let’s forget our worries for a while and have fun with our families to enjoy this fabulous Xmas Program OCA has prepared for you. How many ten years do one have? Why not enjoy life with our loved ones when we can? Please join OCA ZOOM celebration of Xmas 2020. Let’s party and have fun safely at home with our wonderful family members. If you are not an OCA member and would like to join OCA, please register online at https://www.ocanational.org. You can also email me and I can help you to register to become an OCA member. I look forward to seeing you to be a member of our big OCA family. OCA’s mission is to embrace hope and aspiration for Asian Pacific Americans community. OCA’s goal is to promote the social, political and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans who live in the United States. Together with you, we can build a better and brighter tomorrow for ourselves and our next generation. 
On 12/12/2020, OCA will deliver about 100 Xmas care baskets and 100 Xmas lunch boxes to the senior citizens who live in the low income housing at Sunset Park and Sunset Tower. OCA would like to wish the senior citizens a very happy and safe Xmas holiday. (Senior Lunch boxes provided by Purple Ginger Asian Fusion) (senior face masks donated by Zheng Pinji) (senior Xmas gift bags donated by Tammy Chu).
Please wear your favorite Xmas costume. We will have the most outstanding Xmas costume contest. Also get your favorite drink ready to drink with us. 
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日期:2020 年12月19日
地点:在你家中的zoo m
(2)唱Karaoke 領獎品(團体或个人)

欢迎所有OCA会员和準会员踴躍參加。請把你們的email 地址私聊給我 我就可以邀請你入zoom 与我們享受这个精彩而溫馨的聖誕派对!讓我們在这个充滿挑戰性疫情下的聖誕節 忘掉一切憂慮与烦惱 盡情与家人渡過一个愉快而浪漫的聖誕派对!人生有几多个十年?所以必須要及時行樂与家人与科州OCA平平安安欢渡这个美丽的聖誕假期。
如果你仍未成为OCA會員, 現在可以馬上上網登記成为OCA会员。登記成為科州OCA的網址是: https://www.ocanational.org
你也可以与我(蔡秀娟会长)联系(电話或微信私聊)報名參加成为OCA会员。到時我可以为你登記成為科州OCA会员。希望很快可以欢迎你成為OCA會員加入我們科州OCA这个大家庭。科州OCA的宗旨是提升居美的亞太裔人士在社會上, 政治上 及經濟上的基本权利。希望你与OCA可以为自己及下一代建立更美好的明天。
又在2020年12月12日中午 科州OCA也会按照歷年聖誕傳統把大約1OO个愛心聖誕礼物蓝及愛心聖誕中餐盒送給居住在丹佛市夕阳园及夕阳塔的長者们。希望他們可以过一个愉快平安健康的聖誕。(長者聖誕愛心中飯盒由紫姜餐廳(Purple Ginger Asian Fusion) 供应) (愛心口罩由郑平基先生捐贈)(長者聖誕愛心礼物由Tammy 朱捐贈).