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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger!

Dear All,
Greeting from OCA Colorado. Let's celebrate the Year of the Tiger online via You Tube from 2/1/2022 (Tuesday) to 2/5/2022 (Saturday)



2020 OCA ONLINE Celebration of Chinese New Year

日期 Date2/1/2022() 2/5/2022()              

時間 Time:每晚 6:30 p.m. 在 You Tube 播放。                      

地点 Place可在微信團及OCA email 團找到You Tube 連結收看

(可以把你email OCAcolorado@gmail.com索取You Tube 連結)

      You Tube Link will be sent to you the night of the event

 新春節目:(Chinese New Year Gala Online Programs)


Lion Dance and Kung Fu Show (Master Solow/Shaolin Hong Mei Kung Fu School)


Variety Shows by Talented Kids (Xiao Mei Cheng/Great Wall Chinese Academy)


Award winning Chinese traditional Dance (Lily Han Li/Jasmine Flower Chinese Dance School)


Qipao Dance "Shanghai at Night" (KONG Xianhua and Flower Sisters Qipao Dance Group)

天才畫家畫出虎年的色彩 (HU Pei Hua)

Let's Draw Magic in the Year of the Tiger (HU Pei Hua)

天才京劇表演 (Cathy)

Let's Enjoy Kid's Talent in Peking Opera (Cathy)


Chinese New Year Song (Polly)


Gentle yet Powerful Tai Chi Show (Tai Chi Master Zang/Chinese Medicine Doctor)


OCA Chinese New Year Riddle to win the prizes


OCA Chinese New Year Lucky Draw

 OCA中國新年抽獎遊戲: OCA Chinese New Year Riddle to win the prizes
請寫上姓名電話號碼 电郵地址
Please write your name, phone number and email address

放入抽獎箱內 (Super Star, Star Kitchen, Empress, China Jade, Hong Kong BBQ, Uncle Henry Express)

put into the OCA lucky Draw Boxes in (Super Star, Star Kitchen, Empress, China Jade, Hong Kong BBQ, Uncle Henry Express)


On 2/5/2022 we will pick 20 lucky winners

头獎是住豪華酒店1双人早餐, $100

Grand Prize:  1 night stay in Warwick Hotel, free valet parking, breakfast for 2 and $100 cash

其他獎品包括$50 $20 餐廳及超市礼券

Other prizes include $20 and $50 gift cards from the restaurants and supermarkets


Good Luck to YOU


OCA Chinese New Year Riddle to win the prizes

把你的答案自己的名字 电話 可以email 给我或打OCA熱綫电720-663-1622
Please give me the answer and your name and phone number by emailing me or call OCA hotline at 720-663-1622         
猜对最多謎语的这位朋友可得$50 饕館礼券和$20 超市礼券
the one who guess the most right answers will win $20/$50 gift cards from restaurants/supermarkets
如果猜中謎语超过1人, 則以抽籤方式抽出3位幸運兒各人可以獲取以上的$50 及 $20 餐廳/超市礼劵。  
if there are more than 1 person with the right answers, we will pick 3 winners to receive the $20/$50 gift cards from  restaurants/supermarkets                          
為了预祝幸運平安繁榮虎年的來臨 請各位朋友踴躍參加。    
To celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Tiger that will bring us Good Luck, Safety and Prosperity, I would encourage every friend to play this riddle game.
Good Luck to YOU! 

  1. They look like twin brothers, both sturdy and tall. They work together and go everywhere together. But they only go near solid food and do not care for soup. Who are they?

     2.  What belongs to you, but others use it more than you do?
      3.  What full of holds but still holds water?
        什么东西全身是洞, 却能保持住水

See you all on 2/1/2022, 2/2/2022, 2/3/2022, 2/4/2022 and 2/5/2022 on YOU Tube.  


Happy Chinese New Year! 

Margaret S. Choi

President, OCA Colorado